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SellUP is a full service email marketing agency focused on data analysis and strategy. Founded in 2007 as a strategic email agency, the company quickly realized that most retailers did not have the bandwidth to execute on the given suggestions. As a result, SellUP began offering design and builds as part of its services. SellUP focuses on test & learn, segmentation, calendar creation, and effective campaigning to grow clients’ email programs.

The average on-boarding client sees an 80% lift in email revenue during their first 12 months with SellUP. All clients are assigned their own team consisting of a strategist, analyst, designer, builder, and reporter. Each week the client has a call with their strategist and analyst to go over the results and learnings and adjust the calendar. In addition to weekly reports, there are monthly, quarterly, and annual business reviews.

Trusted by over 85 brands, SellUP has seen success in all different industries including apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, auto, food/beverages, insurance, shipping, and more.

Any retail company is able to get a free in-depth analysis of their email marketing program. The analysis reviews the prospect’s strengths and well as opportunities for growth. It also includes suggestions on how to grow. Prospects are able to take the suggestions and try for themselves or do a 3 month paid trial with SellUP.

After the trial, the company can either move to a 12 month contract or go their own way. The 12 month contract has multiple pricing models depending on the size of the email program. SellUP has clients paying commission on lift, commission, retainer, or hybrid.

In 2017, SellUP acquired Alchemy Worx giving them a global presence and more Fortune 100 clients.