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    Retention Commerce

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    Los Angeles, CA

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Ecommerce Marketing Automation Expert with Email, Retargeting Ads, and Messenger.
As a Preferred Partner with Privy, we can help you with Advanced List Growth strategies.

* Setup Privy with Shopify or Shopify Plus
* Integration with Klaviyo,,, or via Zapier
* Implement Advanced List Growth techniques with various Display Triggers and Types
* A/B Testing (Privy Growth Plan Required)
* Install Facebook & Google Tracking Pixels in Privy
* Sync Dynamic Form Fields with Klaviyo
* Custom HTML Elements for Video, Timers, and other HTML Embeds
* Shopify Dynamic Coupons

To provide a comprehensive ecommerce retention solution, we're also Preferred Partners and implementation experts with the following platforms:

* Shopify & Shopify Plus
* Klaviyo
* Shoelace
* Glew Analytics.

Contact Us for a Free Audit and Review to see if you're leveraging Privy's full capabilities.