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    Fuel Made

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    Colbert, WA

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We are an agency specializing in premium Klaviyo work, helping our Shopify clients leverage the enormous power of automated email marketing to capture maximum value from website visitors. We also build high-performing, conversion-focused, functional and beautiful websites on Shopify Plus.

As an official Klaviyo and Shopify Plus partners, we take on a select number of projects each year that fit us well. When you hire us, you’ll receive the dedicated, professional and personal approach of our team. We’re all avid students of ecommerce, and we are passionate about doing work that engages visitors and converts them to sales.

We’re extremely honoured to contribute to the success stories of our family of multi-million dollar revenue clients.


We help you take full advantage of Klaviyo's powerful automation capabilities to increase sales, retention, and brand loyalty. Our expert team will take care of strategy, abandoned carts, list growth, transactional emails, campaigns and all the rest of your email marketing needs.

1. Growth Strategy: Our growth strategist will dive deep into your analytics to
uncover the reason you’re not experiencing the gains you’d like. We’ll then provide a clear strategy that outlines your next move, so your shop can reach its fullest potential without any technical limitations.

2. List Building: About 98% of your site traffic leaves without buying. Capture more visitors to start a conversation and turn them into customers. Our custom-built lead capture system integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store and Klaviyo account.

3. Welcome your Visitors: Welcome new visitors and build a strong connection by sending them exactly what they want to receive. We create a welcome sequence of emails to turn your site visitors into first time buyers.

4. Build Brand Loyalty: The best time to connect with your customers is right after a purchase. We use Klaviyo's powerful segmenting and personalizing ability to turn your customers into long-term brand advocates.

5. Recover Those Carts: On average, 68% of carts are abandoned. We've developed a highly effective system to recover as much of this revenue as possible. Remind distracted customers of their carts, let them know you're here to help, and recover a large chunk of your abandoned revenue.

6. Custom Design and Development: Our team of experienced designers and developers will bring your email vision and brand to life.

We care. Our results reflect that. Get in touch with one of our email experts today to see how we can help you grow.