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Email Allstars is a full-service agency comprised of experts in email strategy, deliverability & optimization, copywriting, graphic design, software tech, and project management.

We’re creating emails for clients in a variety of industries ranging from beauty products to car parts to cannabis products.
We have developed systems guaranteed to bring you an ROI.

Our expert marketing team has extensive experience in creating sales grabbing email automations specifically for eCommerce stores.

We do a deep dive into your brand to figure out what kind of emails your customers will love to read. We then build your entire email marketing machine… from scratch.

Our team works hard to make the entire journey with us a simple as possible - we always put our customers first and have the highest standard for communication and work ethic.

We can help whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established business looking to generate more revenue from email marketing… and everything in between!

Our team takes care of everything - welcoming, nurturing, selling - we cover all of your needs and maximize your profit.

Remember that Email Allstars ALWAYS creates emails from scratch - we never use generic templates/graphics.. everything Is done specifically for you and your brand.