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    Arctic Leaf

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    Orange County, CA

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We are a mid-sized agency with offices in Orange County, California and Ottawa, Ontario.

Arctic Leaf is an ecommerce development and design company focused on taking mid-market clients and helping them grow to enterprise level. We produce user-focused designs and develop our websites to be responsive, fast-loading and stable.

Our designers are in tune with the latest in design trends, and also build sites and app interfaces with strong attention to best practices to produce effective user experiences and help further one of our most important aims: conversion rate optimization (CRO.) Our designs are modern, eye-catching, visually pleasing and immediately navigable to any user.

On the development end, our developers have experience in the production of sites, the migration of sites and the refreshing of sites built on major platforms, such as BigCommerce, Shopify and Wordpress. Plus, we’re also versed in various leading languages, allowing us to see through the creation of a web or mobile application.

Our services also extend beyond just the creation of effective ecommerce sites! We work to help improve the repeat conversion rate of websites by using Swell Rewards to help track engagement and reward repeat purchases, reviews, and more. Arctic Leaf also employs the use of HotJar recording services to record user navigation and interaction with websites through actual video recordings and heatmaps. In the interest of improved conversion rates, we also create email templates for use with Klaviyo email marketing services to help maximize customer retention.

Arctic Leaf is focused on providing responsive, helpful service, and we work always in the interest of seeing our clients’ companies grow. We firmly believe: if you grow, we grow too.